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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Har Aadmi Lyrics

Satinder Sartaj - Har Aadmi

har aadmi de anadar ikk badmaash hunda a

har aadmi ch hunda a ikk fakkar fakeer
har aadmi ch ikk aiyyash hunda hai

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Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Lyrics

Indian Idol - Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe

hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe Kal
kal Yaad Aayenge Yeh Pal

pal, Yeh Hain Pyaar Ke Pal
chal, Aa Mere Sang Chal
chal, Soche Kya
chhoti Si Hai Zindagi

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O Dholna Lyrics


(kab tak chup baithe, abb toh kuchh hai bolna
kuchh tum bolo kuchh ham bole o dholna) - (3)

mar jana tha yeh bhed nahee tha kholna, o jholna o jholna
kab tak chup baithe, abb toh kuchh hai bolna
kuchh tum bolo kuchh ham bole o dholna

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Hathaan diya lakiraan Lyrics

Alka Yagnik - Hathaan diya lakiraan

Kitha eh halathaan sanu bhavein vakh vakh ni Mukh janeeyan ne bhavein duria ne lakh ni
Haan Kitha eh halathaan sanu bhavein vakh vakh ni Mukh janeeyan ne bhavein duria ne lakh ni
Likhan vala lekh sade ho likhan vala lekh sae ine marai vi nahi likh sakda

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Laungda Lashkara Lyrics

Patiala House - Laungda Lashkara 

To All The Paajis And All The Parjayias

This Is Pataila House In It

Laungda Lashkara Oh Baby Tera Jaan Se Pyaara
Oh Baby Ainve Chamka Dil Saada
Ke Dikh Gaya Pyaar Yeh Patial Di

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Rola Pe Gaya Lyrics

Patiala House - Rola Pe Gaya 

Mehndi Ni Mehndi
Mehndi Ni Mehndi

Mehndi Ni Mehndi
Mehndi Ni Mehndi

Tere Hattan Vich Phool Bann Khildi
Mehndi Badeyan Naseeba Naal Mildi
Te Gaadha Rang Je Chadhya
Ho Gayi Balle Balle Oye Oye Oye Oye

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Tum Bin Jiya Lyrics

Bally Sagoo  - Tum Bin Jiya

Tum Bin Jiya udas sajna aa ja meray paas
Tum Bin Jiya

Tum Bin Jiya udas sajna aa ja meray paas
Tum Bin Jiya

Chand Ki aas Chakori ko mujh ko teri aas
Tum Bin Jiya

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Mundiya To Bach Ke Rahi Lyrics

Punjabi Mc - Mundiya To Bach Ke Rahi

Nimya tu kuch der pa ke rakh le 2

Pale vitch mukhra luiska ke rai

Aave kari na kise de naal pyar 1

Mundiya to bach ke rahi Nahi tu hun hun hui mutiyar 2

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Gora gora rang Lyrics

Imran Khan -Gora gora rang

Gora Gora Rang tera Kaala Kaala til ni
Raha jaande rahiya da lutt lenda dill ni

Tere litte chaddya me jag saara soniye
Haske tu bohl kade pyar naal menu
Tera rusna dil nu saatave
Sanu jundiya nu maar mookhaye

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Peli Waar Lyrics

Imran Khan - Peli Waar

Kudiyan lakh mein vekhiyan
O ek bas soni ji lagdi

Sanu mast malang o kar gayi
Sada te ho jaddo paa gayi
Tu sade dil utte chha gayi

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Punjabi - Moti Moti Akh Lyrics

Dr Zeus Feat Manpreet Sandhu - Punjabi Moti moti akh lyric

Dil lai gyi aa lut k mukh te julfaan sut k
Dil lai gyi aa lut k mukh te julfaan sut k
Raani e husna di

Kise heer to na honi Ghat eaa
Kite Mili ta zarur daseo

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Friday, January 21, 2011

When A Woman Loves Lyrics

R KELLY Love Letter - When A Woman Loves

When a woman loves
She she loves for real

When a woman loves
She she she loves for real

She took me back
After I broke my heart

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Lost In Your Love Lyrics

R KELLY Love Letter - Lost In Your Love

I wanna bring love back to the radio
Can I bring love songs back to the radio?

I wanna be tonight while I m loving you
I wanna have to find my way
And I don t wanna have a clue
Just let the universe surprise me
When I walk into your room babe

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Love Letter Lyrics

R KELLY Love Letter - Love Letter

Do do do do do do
Do do do do


La la la la la la
La la la la

Did you get my card
Did you read my love letter
Did it touch your heart
When you read my love letter

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Behind The Mask Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Behind The Mask

All along had to talk about it
Like a two-edged sword he touched you and it stabs me

All along I knew you were a phony girl
Sit behind the mask and you control your world

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Another Day Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Another Day

My life has taken me beyond the planets and the stars

And you re the only one that could take me this far
I ll be forever searching for your love

I walked away but I was wrong I can t make it another day
You re the one that makes me strong I can t fake it another day
You re the fire that keeps me warm I can t make it another day

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Breaking News Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Breaking News

Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson
Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson

Just when you thought he was done
He comes to give it again
They could print it around the world today
He wanna write my obituary

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Best Of Joy Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Best Of Joy

I gave you joy your best of joy

I am the moon light you are the spring our life s a sacred thing
You know I always will love you I am forever

I am the one who came when you fell down
I was the only one around the only one around

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Monster Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Monster

You can look at them coming out the walls

You can look at them climbing out the bushes
You can find them when the letter s bout to fall
He be waiting with his camera right on focus

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The Way You Love Me Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - The Way You Love Me

I was alone in the dark when I met ya
Uuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuh

You took my hand and you told me you loved me
Uuuuuuuuuuh uuuuuuh

I was alone there was no love in my life
I was alone there was no love in my life

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Keep Your Head Up Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Keep Your Head Up

She s looking for a job and a finer place to stay
She s looking for the hope in the empty promises

She s working two jobs keeping alive
She works in a restaurant night and day
She waits her life away
She wipes her tears away

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Hollywood Tonight Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Hollywood Tonight

Lipstick in hand

Tahitian tanned
in her painted on jeans

She dreams of fame
She changed her name
To one that fits the movie screen
She s headed for the big time that means

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Hold My Hand Lyrics

MICHAEL JACKSON Michael - Hold My Hand

This life don t last forever hold my hand

So tell me what we re waiting for hold my hand
Better off being together hold my hand
Being miserable alone hold my hand

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Cry Lyrics


Never thought you knew me

Never thought of you with me
Always fighting in the dark before

Never got to tell you
I don t know what I mean to you

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Everybody Hurts Lyrics

ALEX PARKS Introduction - Everybody Hurts

When the day is long and the night the night is yours alone

When you re sure you ve had enough of this life
Well hang on don t let yourself go
Everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Happiness Means To Me Lyrics

AMY MACDONALD A Curious Thing - What Happiness Means To Me

Maybe in the start we would laugh
Maybe in the end we would cry

But I believe in every book I ve ever read
And what you said
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vaada Yeh Tera Vaada Lyrics

NIGEHBAAN - Vaada Yeh Tera Vaada   
Singer(s): ALKA YAGNIK

(qatil yeh teri nashili ada
tujhpe fida hu main tujhpe fida) - 2

vaada yeh tera vaada - 3
vaada vaada vaada
kutchha hain dhaga uljha hain jyada
suljhade mere piya

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Valha Valha... Aaye Aaye Aisa Manjar Valha, Valha Valha Lyrics

LIFE MEIN KABHIE KABHIEE - Valha Valha... Aaye Aaye Aisa Manjar Valha, Valha Valha Valha....   

milati hai aisi ghadi life mein kabhi kabhi
judati hai dil ki kadi life mein kabhi kabhi

na jaane phir kahaan in raahon mein milein
na jaane phir kahaan masti ke gul khile
(aaye aaye aisa manjar valha, valha valha valha....
life mein kabhi kabhi) - 2

koi toh aashiq hai koi deewaana hai

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unstoppable Lyrics

Calling The - Unstoppable Lyrics

Come and lay right on my bed sit and drink some wine
I ll try not to make you cry

And if you get inside my head then you d understand
Then you d understand me
Why I ve felt so alone why I kept myself from love
And you became my favorite drug
So let me take you right now and swallow you down
I need you inside

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We Might As Well Be Strangers lyrics

Keane - We Might As Well Be Strangers lyrics

I don t know your face no more
Or feel your touch that I adore

I don t know your face no more
It s just a place I m looking for
We might as well be strangers in another town
We might as well be living in a different world
We might as well
We might as well
We might as well

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Smooth Criminal lyrics

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal lyrics
 As He Came Into The Window
It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo
He Came Into Her Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
She Ran Underneath The Table
He Could See She Was Unable
So She Ran Into The Bedroom
She Was Struck Down It Was Her Doom

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